For Students

The instructor creates, owns, and manages each Clicks Campus course (s). The lectures, which might comprise videos and slides, are the cornerstone of each Clicks Campus course. Please contact us for advice on how to identify courses that you might be interested in taking.

Clicks Campus courses are completely self-paced. You can start the course whenever you like, and there are no time limits for finishing it. Courses on Clicks Campus are available on the web & mobile devices. If you're logged into your Clicks Campus account, you can access a course by clicking on the course link in your confirmation email. You can also get started by logging in and going to your profile page.

The course has no start or finish dates, as previously indicated. You will have access to the course even after you have completed it, as long as your account is in good standing and Clicks Campus has a license to the course.

While Clicks Campus is not a recognized university, we do offer skills-based courses taught by industry experts. A certificate of completion is included with every approved, paid course to confirm your achievement.

Yes, all of our enrolled users have access to customer assistance. You can contact us by email at

For Instructors

The majority of Clicks Campus courses are video-based. Relevant teaching tools (such as assignments, quizzes, and coding exercises, for example) can be included to provide students with a more engaging learning experience.

By using a video-based platform, you can choose the topic you want to teach on the Clicks campus.

Yes, there is a charge to be a Clicks Campus instructor. Instructors are paid on a revenue-share basis.

Because Clicks Campus is primarily a video platform, you'll need to send your video files directly to Clicks Campus.

Most world languages are available to choose as the home language for a Clicks Campus course you teach, and you are free to develop one in any available one.

Direct deposit is an option for instructors to get their payments. Payments are made every month. No minimum subscription is required, Payments are made even for the single subscription

Yes. A minimum of 30 minutes of video content is required in all courses. Every course goes through a Quality Checklist procedure to guarantee that students have a positive learning experience

Optimizing the Content We help create Videos and PDFs

No, we don't have any standard onboarding time. We do assist educators in the onboarding process

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