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Clicks Campus is a premium skilling and career platform serving learners through a variety of online courses in 100+ categories of learning, skill development and career certifications. Our vision at Clicks Campus is to re-imagine the way learning and teaching have been happening for decades.

By combining technology, engaging content, and quality teaching, we are able to create a better online learning experience for Students, Graduates, Job seekers, Working Professionals and Home makers.

Clicks Career Certificate Courses enable learners to choose from a wide range of courses to upskill themselves to meet Industry expectations with world-class certifications. Clicks Campus is one stop solution for Competitive Exam aspirants to select the course of their choice to make their dreams come true.

Clicks Campus is a wonderful platform for Online Instructors to create online courses and publish for sales thereby creating a channel for financial gains.

What we do

Clicks Campus is a premium knowledge-sharing platform. Instructors can create various courses in 100+ different subject areas and learners can buy the course of their choice to learn. Clicks Campus acts as a strong interface between Instructors and learners thereby bringing financial gains to Instructors and Knowledge gains to learners on the platform.


Who can be Instructors on Clicks Campus?

  • Training Institutes
  • Certified Technology Training Partners
  • Authorized Skill Development Institutes
  • Universities
  • Competitive Exams Training Centres
  • Tuition & Coaching Centres
  • Professors
  • Teachers & Lecturers
  • Private Tutors
  • Freelance/Certified Trainers
  • Anybody who has the passion to teach

Who can learn on Clicks Campus?

  • Undergraduate & postgraduate students
  • Job seekers
  • Working professionals
  • Full-time homemakers
  • Competitive Exam Aspirants
  • Candidates preparing for Entrance Tests
  • Aspirants of Government Jobs
  • Anybody who loves to learn


Clicks Campus can be accessed by Learners and Instructors in both Web and Mobile versions. Clicks Campus android application is available in the Google play store and iOS application is on the app store.

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Our Offerings

Online and Offline Clicks Career Certificate Program

Course on pre Placement Training and Company Specific Training

Courses related to English Proficiency Tests like TOEFL, PTE etc

Coaching Classes to crack state and Central Government Jobs

Career Awareness Sessions and Industry Experts' Advice

Academic Subjects and Online Degrees

Webinars and Informative Sessions

Dedicated Placement Support

Language Learning Courses

Clicks Career Certificate for Freshers

Upskill to meet Industry expectations with world-class certifications


Choose from a wide range of courses and earn your globally recognized certificate. Recruiters are on the lookout for job-ready candidates, here is a chase for you to prove!

More about Clicks Career Certificate Program : 

Program Duration: 5 Months

Eligibility: Graduate & Post Graduate Students and Freshers seeking jobs.

Guaranteed placement with 4 lakh CTC

Objective: Practical, Hands-on, Application Level and Knowledge oriented training sessions to make it easy for freshers to work in the Industry atmosphere. The courses shall include Live Video sessions, Study materials, Notes and Assessments with the trainer's interaction to clarify the doubts of learners on the Discussion Forum. 
The 5-star rating system followed in the certificate shows the learner’s performance on a 5-point scale from 1 to 5. Learners with star rating of 4+ will get an assured placement among the companies partnered with Clicks Campus.

Centre Of Excellence – Partner Your College

Centre Of Excellence – Partner Your College

Program features

Institutions can establish Clicks Campus Centre of Excellence on the college campus in Information Technology, Animation & Multimedia, Digital Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Business & Management, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources to provide a great platform for students of the Institution to get the real and live exposure to latest technologies through various Certification training, internship programs, live projects, Hackathons, skill development programs and placement opportunities. Centre of Excellence of Clicks Campus offers multiple benefits and opportunities for students and faculties of the Institution.

It is not just the training that happens through CoE, It is the real skill-building and Internship process to meet the ever-changing expectations of the Corporate World. Prepare your students for the best career stability through CLICKS CAMPUS.

Students can start accessing free sessions in this program from any place at any time as they get access to the weekly online sessions to learn at their own pace. A student will have three phases of Training to complete along with his regular UG/PG program. Certification Exam integrated with Internship at the end of each phase of training makes students get ready for the industry atmosphere and best-performing students will get an assured placement as well.

Benefits to Partnered College

CoE also offers various benefits to students, faculty and Institution such as

  1. Cash award for top performing students.
  2. New earning channel for professors for uploading their video lectures on the platform.
  3. CoE cash reward benefits the Institution.

Offline Add-on Programs

Clicks Campus offers offline Clicks Career Certificate and Skill Development Programs to students of various Institutions irrespective of academic background and level.

Educational Institutes can choose the add on training programs to enrich the students with right skill set to meet the industry demand by filling the gap between Industry and academia. Students shall have a rigorous training and required study materials shall be provided to all the trainees.

Team of trainers shall be sent to college campus and result oriented, Hands-on training programs are conducted for total effectiveness followed by an Assessment to award Clicks Career Certificate.

Select the training course and get the quote now!

Clicks Corporate

We are open for Collaboration with Corporate Groups to upskill the employees by providing suitable corporate trainings in both Offline and online modes.

We are open for Collaboration with Corporate Groups to upskill the employees by providing suitable corporate trainings in both Offline and online modes. Corporate houses with collaboration shall get access to the courses which are customised as per the requirements. Clients are very happy with the quality of training delivered to impart domain skills, technical Skills, business skills and soft skills among the employees. You name the topic; we have a course and a rich experienced trainer to upskill your people.

What are you waiting for? Register your company, now!

Clicks Corporate

Become an instructor

Want to create your online courses on Clicks Campus and Earn?

Yes! You can create and publish your courses on Clicks Campus and start earning. The effort of Clicks Campus is to bring various quality and resourceful online courses of premium instructors on one common platform, so that the programs can reach maximum learners. You can also conduct periodic webinars and publish awareness videos about your courses as added benefits to the learners on the platform. Clicks Campus is the simple yet robust platform to get connected with your target audience and share your engaging, immersive and resourceful learning content with the learners.

App is equipped with various features such as secure videos, unlimited quizzes, assignments, community & discussion forum, blogs, webinars, marketing coupons, wallet & referrals, content scheduling, multilingual UI, course certificates, readymade promotional templates, live tests and many more features which any educator would love to use for effective online teaching experience.

What are you waiting for, Join us today and start earning?

Top platform Features

Clicks Campus offers the best features to both Instructors and Learners to enrich the online teaching and learning experience.

Clicks Campus offers the best features to both Instructors and Learners to enrich the online teaching and learning experience.

CSR Initiative – University Collaboration

We are open for Collaboration with Universities and Educational Institutions to exchange MoU for strengthening the employability skills and career opportunities for the students. This will not cost anything to the University except some precious time and support, as the below-mentioned benefits of the MoU can be availed by the students of all the colleges affiliated with the University without any financials involved. This great cause is funded by CSR initiatives of Koshys Groups - Bengaluru.

Scope of Collaboration

  • Free logins for all the students to access Clicks Campus
  • Free Access to all the Courses of Knowledge Section
  • Free Access to 200+ hours of Employability Training
  • Free Access to the Career Awareness Sessions
  • Register your Institution with us today !

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